this smile will not disappear as long as my family and friends is by my side :D *love them a lot
AimiMasturaBintiMohamadSayoti .

Sunday, December 25, 2011

if I have a chance ......

If I have a chance ... Yeahh for sure I would do anything to make the time stop at the past , at that I with you as your girl , as you life partner . I'm the lucky girl that time . I'm happy all the time with you . I love the way you make me smile . I love the way you make a joke , I just love everything about you. I really love the way you are. And nobody can change it . They don't know all the reason I take the risk to be with you. They don't even understand me . They don't know how much my love for you . Nobody know that and nobody can understand that. I take the risk to be with you , I know this gonna happened at the end but I'm happy cause I had a chance to be with yóu even for a Short time ! But for me its so great to be with you !its wonderful time bebehh . And if I have the second chance I won't let you go baby .I hope you can listen to me , I hope one day you will realise the existance of me . And I hope one day god will give me an opportunity to be your partner life forever and ever ! InsyaAllah . Amin yarabbal alamin .

*p/s : credit to my beloved friends : aku terlalu sayang kat korg . Aku faham korg taknak tgk aku bersedih . Aku nak lupakan dia , bukan aku tak cuba . Beribu kali dah cuba tapi gagal . Aku tak blh lupakan dia lagi . Tapi insyaAllah aku berjanji aku akan cuba sebaik mungkin utk lupakan dia. Aku pun taknak sebab hal cintan cinton nie pelajaran merosot . Any way thanks sebab care sgtt . Loveeee youu all so muchhh ♥♥♥